© St Vincents NS 2020
Class 4 have had a busy and exciting year. We have been
working hard at modules from the ASDAN program. The
students are really enjoying the practical element of the
modules such as sports and leisure, using money, signs in
the community and using ICT. This qualification can help
the students develop skills related to the outside world
making the transition from school easier. This year we
have two students who will be making the transition from
school to adult services. The ASDAN program has made a
massive impact on making this transition possible.
We also introduced 'active lifestyle' to increase the
students physical wellbeing through swimming, fitness,
gardening and food sampling such as making their own
smoothies. This has had a positive impact upon
empowering the students to become involved in life long
During the month of May, our soccer team will play 3
friendly matches against other school to put their physical
achievements to the test and also as a fantastic way to
meet other students from other schools.
In our SPHE module we have developed the personal
hygiene knowledge of the students by improving dental
maintenance of the students.
We have also continued to make the planet a better place
by recycling food products wrappers and tubs and have
linked in with other classes to make this happen and keep
the school, community and planet a better place to be.
Room   4   was   very   busy   with   preparation   for   the   graduation.   It   was   a   fantastic   affair   with   everyone coming   together   to   celebrate   Ketty,   Paul   and   Felix   on   their   new   journey   ahead.   We   wish   them well   for   the   future.   Many   thanks,   to   all   the   staff   and   students   for   making   the   occasion   so   special with all their efforts and gestures of good will. Room   4   in   along   with   other   students   collaborated   with   St Anne’s   school   from   Newbridge   Kildare   in a game of football. Both schools had a great day and will be meeting up again in September.Finally on behalf of all the students of Room 4, they would like to thank all the staff, parents and fellow students for their hospitality and support throughout the school year.