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As the weather has been improving, we have been enjoying time in our herb garden
weeding, watering and transplanting. The children are really enjoying the project as
they are working together as a team and they get to spend time outside in the good
At the start of May Charlie celebrated his 12th Birthday. As it was a beautiful day we
had a chance to go to the playground and afterwards we had a party for Charlie and
his classmates in room 6 which we all really enjoyed.
Friday May 10th was a very special day for our classmate Grace as she celebrated
her First Holy Communion on campus in St Vincent's Chapel. Family, friends and staff
gathered for this fantastic occasion.
After the sacrament families gathered in the Hall for refreshments and the chance
to mingle with other parents and staff. Grace looked amazing on her big day.
Congrats again Grace.
Children   in   Room   6   have   been   taking   home   flowers   and   herbs   from   the   garden.   We   have   been watering and minding the plants in the garden and on our windows. Graduation   celebration   has   taken   place,   and   some   pupils   in   room   6   were   part   of   the   choir.   The ceremony took place in the chapel and afterwards the children had a party for all their efforts. The   boys   in   room   6   are   learning   how   to   cycle,   they   are   making   huge   progress   and   are   enjoying the experience. Healthy   active   week   takes   place   from   the   17th   of   June,   and   during   this   week   the   children   in room 6 will be taking an active   part   in   games   and   other   outdoor   and   indoor   activities   to   promote   a   healthy   lifestyle   and healthy eating. As   summer   approaches   we   are   getting   excited   about   our   summer   holidays   and      we   look   forward to a enjoyable fun summer. Here in room 6 we wish all our pupils, staff and parents an enjoyable summer.