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We have had a very busy term here in Room 7. We have been working on the JC2 programme and doing some work on Personal care, different ways that we can relax and recognising some of the different places in our Local Community. We have been working on Time and Money in Numeracy and we are all progressing well in these areas. We are enjoying our weekly swimming sessions in the local swimming pool and we are continuing to develop our dressing skills here. We have gone on a variety of different social outings including trips to the cinema, bowling, out for lunch and shopping trips. While on these outings we work on developing many different skills including money skills, independent living skills and road safety skills. We all love helping with jobs here in Room 7 and some of the pupils have begun doing some jobs on the school grounds independently, for example, collecting the post from the main house and delivering messages to different areas on campus. We are all looking forward to our Easter break and having a nice rest, so we can come back to school after the holidays for lots more learning and fun.
We had great fun doing an experiment to find out things that float and things that sink.
We   have   had   a   very   busy   term   here   in   Room   7.   We   have   continued   to   work   hard   on   our   JC2   programme   developing   skills   in   Literacy,   Numeracy   and Personal   care.   We   are   enjoying   playing   word   and   number   bingo   to   develop   our   reading   and   number   recognition   skills.   We   enjoyed   learning   all   about different modes of transport in May and particularly enjoyed travelling on a train to Maynooth. Many   of   our   pupils   were   involved   in   the   school   choir   that   sang   at   the   First   Holy   Communion   and   Graduation   masses. They   put   a   lot   of   work   in   practicing   in the church so a big well done to them on the great job they did. We   celebrated   a   lot   of   birthdays   this   term   in   Room   7,   including   Diana’s,   Helena’s,   Timotei’s   and   Aaron’s.   The   pupils   all   had   great   fun   celebrating   with their friends. We   are   continuing   with   our   weekly   swimming   sessions   and   we   are   seeing   big   improvements   in   the   pupils   water   skills   and   dressing   skills   so   well   done   to   all on   the   progress   you   are   making.   We   have   also   continued   with   our   social   training   outings,   most   recently   having   went   bowling   in   the   Leisureplex   and   to Captain   Americas.   We   hope   to   go   on   a   couple   more   outings   before   the   summer   holidays.   We   are   looking   forward   to   our   Active   School   week   and   Sports Day. Finally we would like to say we hope you all enjoy the summer holidays and we look forward to seeing all our friends again in September.
Room 7 really enjoyed writing their own Halloween Poem and creating Haunted Houses for their Halloween display