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Room 8 are working through the Junior Cycle 2 programme. The Level 2 Learning Programmes (L2LPs) and qualification are targeted at a very specific group of students. Along with class 7, we develop the basic, social and pre-vocational skills of the students involved. In addition to this we are involved with many other excellent learning programmes. Students enjoy daily socialisation training, swimming, PE, Home Economics and a weekly woodwork class at Castleknock CC. The Students are also looking forward to a trip to Dublin zoo in the new term!
Room   8   have   progressed   well   through   Junior   Cycle   2   programme   this   year.   Students   enjoyed   their weekly   class   at   Castleknock   College   for   Woodwork,   OT   Training   and   Active   week   in   the   school. Many    students    took    part    in    the    school    choir    for    Communion    and    graduation.    Students    were delighted   to   meet   baby   Luke   and   are   excited   to   see   Leanne   back   in   school.   In   the   last   week   of school,   students   enjoyed   a   barbeque   in   the   school   yard   and   the   weather   for   the   occasion   was glorious.   Active   week   was   a   great   success   also!   Class   8   were   strongly   involved   this   and   enjoyed daily    fitness    activities.    Students    (and    teachers)    went    to    the    cinema    to    see   Aladdin.    Class    8 thoroughly   enjoyed   this   and   even   joined   in   with   the   singing! All   students   are   really   looking   forward to the holidays and a well-deserved break.