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Parent / Guardian guide to your  childs use of the Internet School Calendar Notice to Parents / Guardians 11th March 2019 February 2021 Risk Assessment Admissions Policy 2021 Admissions Notice 2022 / 2023 Public health has produced a brief (1.5 minute) video message for parents. The link is below. •	Parent’s Guide: if your child is a close contact of COVID-19 in school •	https://youtu.be/x2Vur9Dx4dk School Applications  Please send a letter requesting a place for your child for the upcoming academic year and send it to the following address along with your child's most recent psychological report and any other assessments.  (St Vincent's School cannot accept direct applications.)  Admissions & Discharge Team St Vincent's Centre Navan Road Dublin 7  Parents/Guardians, please see a new Communication & Language Home School Link under the Curriculum Tab.
10/12/2020 Parents/Guardians, Please click on the link below to view a letter from Navan Road Medical & Dental on the Children’s Flu Vaccine Regards, Jenny Boylan, Acting Principal.
Matters for reporting Hello all, Please find below some matters for reporting following a Board of Management meeting last night. • The Board would like to extend a warm welcome back to everyone for the academic year 2021/2022. The Board acknowledges and thanks everyone for supporting procedures in place in relation to COVID-19. • The Admissions Notice for the academic year 2022/2023 was reviewed and will be uploaded onto the school website. • The Admissions policy was reviewed and amended. • The medication policy was reviewed and ratified. • In service for the Primary Language Curriculum to take place on 22nd December 2021. The children will not attend school on this day. 01/02/2021 Supports for parents Continuity of schooling guidance Continuity of schooling guidance for parents is available at this link in several languages: https://www.gov.ie/en/collection/965639-continuity- of-schooling/ Online safety Extensive information and guidance on online safety is available to for parents and students at www.webwise.ie. The information contained at https://www.webwise.ie/parents/covid19-online-s Supports for parents of children with special educational needs The National Council for Special Education has a range of resources for parents of children with special educational needs, including useful material on a broad list of supportive topics, and short focused video materials designed to provide advice and guidance to parents. These are available on ncse.ie and disseminated through their twitter feed @ncseirl. The NCSE is also operating a dedicated phone line for parents of children with special educational needs during this period of school closure, offering support and guidance; the number is 01 603 3456 and it is open during office hours. safety-advice-for-parents/ might be particularly useful Regards, Jenny Boylan, Acting Principal.
Click the link for  information on  In-person Supplementary Programme to Support the Education or Care Needs of pupils with complex needs.   All children that attend Scoil Chormaic are eligible for this programme.  Please read all information carefully.  It operates in the same way as The Summer Home Tuition Programme; 5 hours a week, 20 hours in total. Hours can be banked and used for Easter Holidays.  Hours can be used after school hours or at weekends.    Parents can contact staff and ask if they are in a position to do hours.
We had the pleasure of working with Draiocht Blanchardstown and below is a link to their promotional video for Making Waves. You might see some familiar faces. St Michael's House were also involved in the project. You can also follow Jess on Instagram @jess.rowell.dance. Very many thanks to the wonderful team at Draiocht and for the opportunity to be a part of this magical journey. https://www.draiocht.ie/discover/making-waves-jess-rowells-new- production https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52Aix8jF7Bs&authuser=0
Notice to Parents Notice to Staff DAY 2021
23/11/2021 Dear parents/ guardians, We are undertaking a review of our Whole School Plan. We are pleased to inform you that we have reviewed and revised the SPHE (Social Personal Health Education) Whole School Plan. Please also find our Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE) policy below. Kind regards, Cathy. Notification regarding the Board of Management’s annual review of the anti- bullying policy Policies under review The attached policies are currently being reviewed and if you have any suggestions or comments kindly email principal@stvincentsspecialschool.ie Procedure for external persons to coach or support the curriculum Remote learning guidelines RSE policy 2021 SPHE Whole School Plan 1 15/11/2021 Following a meeting on 11th November 2021, the Board of Management, would like to report on the following: • The Board would like to acknowledge and thank the staff for the work carried out since September 2021. • The Board highlighted the need to continue to follow Public Health Advice in relation to Covid-19 and to continue to implement all Covid-19 procedures. The Board would like to thank everyone for their co-operation with the procedures to date. • The Board would like to thank everyone involved in the preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation • The Board acknowledges the level of engagement and shared joy that the refurbished yard brings to the school. The following policies were ratified 1. Bullying policy 2. Complaints policy 3. Leave policy 4. Acceptable Use policy 5. Dignity at work policy Kind regards Cathy
Acceptable Use Policy
Bullying policy
Complaints Procedure
Dignity at Work
Leave policy