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Under the Trusteeship of the Daughters of Charity, St. Vincent's Special School is a co-educational school, that caters for pupils, ages 5 - 18 years, who, on psychological testing, are found to be functioning within the level of Moderate General Learning Disability. Many of our pupils have multiple disabilities.

Mission Statement

We, the staff of St. Vincent’s school continuously strive to provide a Quality Education in a happy, safe learning environment so that all pupils will reach their full potential. We aspire to do the above in partnership with parents, Board of Management and through involvement with the wider community.

School Ethos / Philosophy

We aim and aspire towards the optimum development of all pupils, to their whole education, which will enable them to live as independent, and fulfilling a life as possible. We recognize the distinctive, individual, personal, social education and spiritual needs of every pupil. Our vision and preparation is for a society where everyone will be gainfully involved and where an appropriate role for our students will be a reality.

Catholic Schedule

A Roman Catholic school (which is established in connection with the Minister) aims at promoting the full and harmonious development of all aspects of the person/pupil: intellectual, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual, including a living relationship with God and other people. The school models and promotes a philosophy of life inspired by belief in God and in life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Catholic school provides religious education for the pupils in accordance with the doctrines, practices and tradition of the Roman Catholic Church and promotes the formation of the pupils in the Catholic Faith.

Our History

St. Vincent's Special School was recognized, with effect on 1st February, 1947. It was the first residential centre for intellectually disabled children to be recognized as a special school. At this time, there were 180 children receiving education from six teachers and six assistants. In March, 1964, St. Vincent's Special School was designated for children with moderate intellectual disabilities. In the beginning classes for pupils were in the main building as there was no school building. The new school building, funded by the Department of Education, was built in March 1976, at a time when there were 120 residential and day pupils. The Daughters of Charity Organisation was founded in Paris in 1633 by St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac. The sisters came to Ireland in 1855 and have been involved in providing services for persons with intellectual disability since 1982. Teaching was one of the first works undertaken by the Daughters of Charity in 1855. St. Vincent de Paul (24 April 1581 – 27 September 1660) was a French Roman Catholic priest who dedicated himself to serving the poor. He is venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church. He was canonized in 1737. He was renowned for his compassion, humility, and generosity and is known as the "Great Apostle of Charity". His feast day is March 15th. Louise de Marillac (August 12, 1591 - March 15, 1660) was the co-founder, with Saint Vincent de Paul, of the Daughters of Charity. She was beatified by Pope Benedict XV in 1920 and, on March 11, 1934, and was canonized by Pope Pius XI. Her feast day is March 15th. In 1617, Vincent founded the "Ladies of Charity" from a group of women within his parish. He organized these wealthy women of Paris to collect funds for missionary projects, found hospitals, and gather relief funds for the victims of war and to ransom 1,200 galley slaves from North Africa. From these, with the help of St. Louise de Marillac, came the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul. A special relationship exists between the Daughters of Charity and the other Vincentian organisations, whose members live their commitment in the tradition of St Vincent de Paul and St Louise de Marillac.