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All the boys in room 9 have settled back into school with minimum fuss.  The entire group have really embraced their new classroom environment and as a group they are working really well together and really hitting it off!!  The lads have been very busy and have had quite a productive month, community/social outings to the shop to practice and enhance our social/language and communication/numeracy skills have been a key feature of our weekly timetable, all the lads have been so well behaved and they have represented their school with a lot of pride.  The lads have bundles of energy and they love participating in a wide range of active learning activities, PE fun and games and SPHE/SESE activities such as nature walks/gardening have really gone down a treat!!  Great work room 9!!    Over the course of the past few weeks room 9 has been a hive of activity, all the lads are working very hard and more importantly it is evidently clear that they are enjoying each-others company.   The lads have been putting a huge effort into all their PE activities, their efforts did not go unnoticed and at the beginning of the month they were rewarded with the "PE class of the week " certificate. Soon after this Room 9 had even more cause to celebrate as they brushed aside really stiff competition from all the other classrooms to capture "arts and crafts" display board of the month. The lads were over the moon and in a bid to celebrate their brilliant accomplishments the entire group headed off on a social/community outing to McDonalds.   The lads really enjoyed themselves and the entire group were a credit to their school, as they all behaved in an exemplary manner. The lads have been working very hard within the confines of the classroom, however active learning tasks such as community outings to the local shops (practice communication/social/numeracy - money skills)  and fieldwork activities have undoubtedly had a positive impact on both their learning and indeed their relationships with one another. Attached is a collection of pictures, showcasing and highlighting some of their brilliant work. Merry Christmas from all in room 9!!