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In room 10 we have been working very hard this year. We like to keep active and take regular movement breaks by going walking, swimming, playing football and basketball. around the school grounds daily.  The pupils in room 10 enjoy a functional curriculum and we do home economics and run a young enterprise car wash weekly. Last year we saved enough money to attend equine therapy for 6 weeks and we loved it!  Every day we focus on communication, OT, SPHE, SESE and IEP goals.    We have been very busy coming up to the end of term, we have been working extra hard to reach our IEP goals, we have gone on two class outings, one was to Mc Donald’s, this was our first time as a whole class to go out together and then we went to the zoo and to Cumisky’s for lunch.  We had a great time on both days and we can’t wait to go out once more before the summer holidays. We had a great time doing the sports day and we all won medals and one of the students even won a trophy for winning the school bowls tournament.  This month we have taken a break from our car washing but we are planning a nice treat for the class using our earnings.   The boys in room 10 preparing their Christmas art, they loved the group work and exploring the different materials used in the art.  There is also one of their art display outside our room, and one of the craft they made for sale at the fair tomorrow.